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Product Range

At we sell second hand goods with an emphasis on retro, shape, and colour: smart, silly, and jazzy things that cheer you up just by using them and having them around you.


Item condition

Naturally, it will often show when an item ”has a record”. So don’t expect perfection, but in stead be pleased with the special character in patinated objects- Should an item be damaged beyond normal usage, it will be stated in the description and /or the photograph here at the website. Naturally, it will also show in the price. The same goes for items in an exceptionally fine state or items that are especially desirable.



All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK) and do not include any carrying charges. The transaction is cost free for the buyer and in accordance with the Danish tax laws, we do not charge VAT. We will not be liable for spelling mistakes or sold out items. For goods that are paid via PayPal, we generally charge a 5% fee of the total cost.


Order and Payment

Send us an email in which you define which items you wish to purchase. You might want to copy-paste the photo or the description from the website into your message. While you are at it, please let us know whether you wish to pick up the items yourself or whether you wish us to arrange for postage. We usually read our emails on all working days and often during weekends and bank holidays. We will then reserve the items for you and reply to your email with a note of the total amount payable, including potential carrying charges, and information about payment via bank transfer or PayPal. When we have received your payment, we will get in touch to inform you of the actual date of postage or collection, respectively. This procedure normally takes one week. It is possible also to arrange for payment in cash at the collection of the reserved items.



The items may be collected at our private address in Odense, Funen.



We would be glad to arrange postage of your order. However, some goods, such as fragile goods or furniture, are not suited for posting and must therefore be collected at our address. Many items may be posted in a “max-letter” at a lower cost than the cost of sending an actual parcel. Should you wish for special postage insurance, it will cost you extra. The same applies for postage of large parcels.


The Right to Annul a Purchase

Should an item not live up to your expectations, we will return the payment when we receive the returned item in the same condition as when it was originally sold by us. The client must pay for this freight him/herself.


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